family & friends

gamescom for the whole family

family & friends at gamescom 2020: the destination for the whole family!

The passion for gaming is something all age groups share, from youngsters to the young at heart – the love of computer games has no age limits. The family & friends area at previous editions of gamescom was a popular meeting place for children, adolescents and families, and a forum where they could discover and learn about new technologies through play.

Gaming’s role in our everyday lives will continue to grow – and not just as a mere source of entertainment. The coronavirus pandemic has shown that activities such as digital learning can be closely linked with computer games. It is therefore all the more important that children are introduced to computer games and information technology in the right way at an early stage – with an age-appropriate and educational approach.

gamescom simply would not be the same without the family & friends area, which will be returning for this year’s digital event. It will showcase child- and family-friendly streams, videos and content that all the members of the family will enjoy. Here the motto is combining plenty of fun for the kids with learning.

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