gamescom: Awesome Indies


gamescom: Awesome Indies startet um 19 Uhr

IGN celebrates the wonder-filled world of indie games with this genuine and quirky digital conference co-hosted by Brian Altano, Michael Swaim, and IGN’s resident indie expert Tom Marks.

Expect the unexpected with programming that includes: hands-on demos with IGN hosts and Influencer friends, unique indie awards, developer spotlights, and more.


10.00am PT
Awesome Indies Show
Unannounced Game - Trailer Reveal
The Last Spell - New Gameplay Reveal
Skul: The Hero Slayer - Version 1.0 Gameplay Reveal
Spinch - Trailer Reveal
Gone Viral - Trailer Reveal
Paradise Lost - Trailer Reveal
Ariel_Knight's Never Yield - Trailer Reveal
Terror Squid - Trailer Reveal

10.30am PT
Adventures of Chris - New Gameplay Reveal
Out of Place - New Gameplay Reveal
Blade Assault - Trailer Reveal
Exo One - Trailer Reveal
Space Crew - Trailer Reveal
Tamarin - Trailer Reveal
Unannounced Game - Gameplay Reveal
Endling - Gameplay Reveal

11.00am PT
Riftbreaker - Trailer and New Gameplay Reveal
Gamedec - Trailer Reveal
Unannounced Game - Trailer Reveal
GRIME - Trailer Reveal
Ghostrunner - Trailer and New Gameplay Reveal

11.30am PT
Wonder Boy – Asha in Monster World - Trailer and Gameplay Reveal
Necronator: Dead Wrong - Trailer Reveal
Kosmokrats - Trailer Reveal
Aeon Drive - Trailer Reveal
A Juggler's Tale - New Gameplay Reveal
ID@Xbox - Lineup Trailer
Skeleton Crew - Trailer Reveal
Ostranauts - Trailer Reveal
Away: The Survival Series - Gameplay Reveal

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