gamescom studio | Day 2: Gamescom Daily Show


The exclusive game trailer and gameplay reveals continue on Day 2 of IGN Live x Gamescom, running from 7:30am - 3:30pm PT.

Sprinkled in between the reveals is Game Scoop! Live and Up at Noon with Troy Baker, as well as the Gamescom Daily Show which wraps up the day's events. See the full Day 2 schedule below:

8.00am PT
Game Scoop! LIVE

9.00am PT
Genshin Impact - Trailer Reveal
Scarlet Nexus - Gameplay Preview
EuroPlay Games Lineup Sizzle
Ponpu - New Gameplay Reveal
Unannounced Game - Trailer Reveal
Conarium - Trailer Reveal
Naser: Son of Man - Trailer Reveal
Unannounced DLC - Trailer Reveal
Humankind - New Gameplay Reveal

9.30am PT
Age of Empires III - Developer Interview
Little Nightmares II - Gameplay Preview
Stronghold: Warlords - New Gameplay Reveal
Morbid: The Seven Acolytes - New Gameplay Reveal

10.00am PT
Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions - Launch Trailer and New Gameplay
Transient - Trailer Reveal
HAAK - Trailer Reveal
Zelter - Trailer Reveal
Overloop - Trailer Reveal

10.30am PT
Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin - New Gameplay Reveal
The Waylanders - New Game Footage Reveal
Sea of Thieves - Developer Gameplay Update
Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond - New Gameplay Reveal
Unexplored 2 - New Gameplay Reveal
Crash Bandicoot - Developer Interview

11.00am PT
Street Power Soccer - Trailer Reveal
Drake Hollow - Trailer Reveal
Raji: An Ancient Epic - Trailer Reveal
Dirt5 - Trailer Reveal
Drone Swarm - New Gameplay Reveal

11.30am PT
Ikenfell - New Gameplay Reveal
WRC 9 - New Gameplay Reveal
The Medium - New Gameplay Reveal
Alaloth – Champions of the Four Kingdoms - New Gameplay Reveal
ANNO: Mutationem - New Gameplay Reveal
Project Haven - New Gameplay Reveal

12.00pm PT
The Medium - Developer Interview
Up at Noon with Max and Brian (featuring Troy Baker)
Tony Hawk Pro Skater Remaster - Developer Interview

1.00pm PT
Per Aspera - Trailer Reveal
Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One - Trailer Reveal
Wonhon: A Vengeful Spirit - Trailer Reveal
In Sound Mind - New Gameplay Reveal
Weaving Tides - New Gameplay Reveal
Spacebase Startopia - New Gameplay Reveal
KeyWe - New Gameplay Reveal

1.30pm PT
Gatewalkers - New Gameplay Reveal
Humble Games - 2021 Lineup Trailer
The Wild at Heart - New Gameplay Reveal
Project Wingman - Trailer Reveal
Unannounced Game - Trailer Reveal
Unannounced Game - Trailer Reveal
Prodeus - New Gameplay Reveal

2.00pm PT
Gamescom Daily Show
Just Die Already - Trailer Reveal

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